Tara Pelletier

We recently built a house with Bourbeau Custom Homes. It was the first time we built a new home and I can honestly say it was a great experience. The house was completed at the beginning of their estimate time range. The quality is great and we are thrilled with the results. Many people had told us that building a new home would be extremely stressful. We found that their organization made it a very smooth process. We knew who to contact and when as well as what our allowance was up front. We were also informed of any overages/underages in our allowance before anything was ordered which helped us to plan accordingly. I was also surprised at how generous the allowances were and how easy it was to stay on budget.

As we were building our home and meeting with vendors, as well as our bank and attorney, we were pleasantly surprise at how many people came out and told us we made a great choice when it came to builders. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Jackie & Kipp Bruning

Our home is now 2 years old as of August 2006. We are still so very happy with it and cannot say enough good things about the Bourbeaus.
The Bourbeaus were extremely patient with us in the design and planning of our home. They understood that this was our dream home and that we planned to be in the home for 20 years or more. Finding a general contractor like the Bourbeaus is rare. The Bourbeaus' pride in craftsmenship and hardworking ethics show.
The Bourbeaus were very easy to work with and made every effort to accomodate our needs. They were willing to make last minute changes happen if feasible. They offered valuable suggestions and input when trying to make ALL those decisions. A priceless service in my mind.
The construction is above par to excellent. Denis and his staff are careful in selecting subcontractors from excavating, foundation, framing, plumbing, heating, electric, sheetrock, painting, and finish work. They committed to a 16 week schedule and kept their world. This too is very valuable when trying to plan a move from an old home to a new one
A few issues came up in the months after closing but the Bourbeaus were quick to address them and covered all additional expenses with no hesitation! Again a great relief to know we were taken care of from beginning to end.  
It was a busy timing building but not stressful. The Bourbeaus were always available and quick to reply to questions and inquiries. 
If anyone is considering a Bourbeau Custom home and would like to ask a few question, please feel free to call us. Our number is listed in the phone book. 
Thanks again, Denis!
Jackie and Kipp Bruning
Fairfax, VT

Peter Neff

 When we were looking for a builder of our new home, we saw all the  beautiful big houses that the Bourbeau's had built and we were somewhat  intimidated by how beautiful and expensive they looked.  We were  pleasently surprised to find out how excited they were to build us our  new home and that we were able to build our dream house within our  budget.  The allowances proved to be more than enough to put the  quality touches we wanted in our home.  We shopped around and actually  came in $1100.00 under allowance for our flooring, and we get more  compliments on how beautiful our Red Oak hardwaood floors and porcalin  ceramic tile look in our home.  Denis and his staff are truely passionate  about their work and maintaining the high standards they demand from  the contractors they do business with.  They quickly addresses the  changes we requested during the building process and still beat the  original closing date established at the early stages of contruction.
  If you are considering building a new home, do yourself a favor and  talk to Denis before you make your final decision.  Take a  drive around some of their developments and talk to the homeowners.   That is what we did and found that everyone we talked to had the same  positive experience.
  We not only ended up with the home of our dream, but we made some new friends as well.
  Peter and Deanna Neff

Jenn & Kevin Wilson

Dear Denis,
We wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work. Our house is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to all your efforts we have been able to reach our goal of owning our very first home. Thank you for being so patient and understanding with all the questions! We do appreciate it! Thank you for everything you have done – you have really made our dreams come true! We are so happy!
Jenn & Kevin Wilson

Chad Downs

I don't think it is possible for me to have found two nicer, more caring, personable and professional people to deal with and have build me a home, than Denis Bourbeau. From the day I met him, he has helped put a permanent grin on my face throughout this entire process. I cannot forget in this the work that Matt does as well and the subs, who helped complete my dream home in only 10 short weeks, with the utmost professionalism and top quality craftsmanship. 
I sat in the real estate office, (the second one within a two month period), thinking I'd never find anything affordable, and in good shape, and worth making that next step from renting to owning...and while I waited for the real estate agent to show up for our meeting I flipped through "The Real Estate Guide". My eyes lit up as soon as I saw the add...could it actually be possible? I went through the whole meeting wanting to leave and call Bourbeau Custom Homes, ASAP.
The rest is history...
If your thinking of building, there is no one better. The Bourbeaus have worked with me in ways I cannot thank them enough. I truly cherish this experience, the friendships, and OBVIOUSLY the final product, which is more than I ever dreamed possible.
Thank you SO much!!!

Barbara J. Pafume

In August 2005, I put my home of 28 years, in Shrewsbury VT, on the market.  It sold immediately and I was faced with a move and no place to move to!  I began looking north of Burlington and found only homes that needed as much or more repair as the one I was leaving.  I spotted a beautiful new home in Fairfax and called about it.
Denis and his wonderful dogs met with me immediately.  I realized I couldn't afford that grand home but Denis told me he would sit with me and design one I could afford with everthing I needed in it and I would be in that new home by Feb. 2006.  He worked with me to design the home of my dreams, within my budget, which would sit on 3 acres of beautiful countryside, with views of mountains, meadows and woods!  They broke ground in mid-October and I expected the usual hassles of building ( I have built and lived in 5 other homes and thought I was too old to do this stressful home building again!)
From the very beginning, not only did I find the Bourbeau family and staff extremely helpful, organized, creative and reassuring but they had integrity, a sense of humor, were honest and some of the finest homebuilders I have ever met!  They are quality craftsmen and woman (his staff helped me find where to buy quality things I needed for my new home at excellent prices and kept all of us on track with time and expenditure comittments in the building process.)  My beautiful home was ready and I moved in Jan. 6, 2006-a month ahead of schedule and it far exceeded my expectations!  It was and still is a dream come true!  As with any new home, there were a few glitches but they were always dealt with expediently, graciously and in a timely manner.
I have recommended the Bourbeaus to many colleagues and dear friends and welcome people to come see for themselves what a beautiful, delightful and wonderful experience new home building can actually be!  As was said in other testimonials, attorneys, town officials and their own work crews love the Bourbeaus as much as we new Bourbeau Custom home owners do!   And- it is not just that our homes look terrific.  The Bourbeaus build solid, energy efficient above code homes that help us protect our environment too.  What more could anyone ask for! 

Judy and Dan Desorcie

Thanks for a great job!
It is so nice to work with people of vision that listen to the home owner and follow thru in an organized and professional manner. Your attention to the smallest of details was appreciated. I will always recommend you and your capable staff to friends and clients looking for someone to design and create an addition to their homes or when looking to build a new home.
Thanks Again, Judy and Dan Desorcie

Nicole & Paul Courtois

We continue to be pleased with the house and your service.  I brag to everyone about the quality service you provide and encourage them to contact you to see for themselves. Matt had great follow up a month after we moved into the house especially trying to find me at work....excellent customer service!!! I had the privilege of attending a "Journal of Life Construction (JLC)" Hanleywood conference in May and got to see first hand thousands of construction companies, future plans, business process, "building green," the 3-D CAD designs programs, new products, etc.. First-hand.  I was proud to tell them about your service (my builders) including the CAD designs, large binder of choice, incredible building time and follow up.  You are really a top notch business with the family friendly personal feel.

Jim & Dianne McGill

"We just moved into our dream home which was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. Our past experience with builders did not prepare us for that. We can't believe how smoothly the whole process went from start to final detail. Denis, Matt and all the rest of the crew did fine work. Every aspect of the project was clearly and completely explained. We would highly recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to anyone building in the area."
Jim & Dianne McGill

Briane, Brenda and Heather Barr

In February 2009, we lost our home in a horrific fire that destroyed everything. We talked to many builders and were surprised at the lack of interest shown in helping us to rebuild. We talked to Dennis and were immediately impressed by his desire to help. We were impressed by the quality of his work in the homes we had seen in our area. On September 14, we moved into our new home. The whole process with Dennis, Matt, Brian, John, Corey and everyone who worked with them was unbelievable. Denis worked with us on our design, showing us in 3D CAD design how our home would look, which allowed us to make modifications and see how it looked after each modification. When the building started, we were totally amazed by the quality of work, attention to detail, and timeliness. Every night when we arrived, it was swept clean and we could see how great a job the carpenters, plumbers, electrician, finish workers and the many other workers had done. I can't say enough good things about all of them. Our finished home is beyond what I had expected. If I were going to build another home, I would not talk with anyone else! Thank you Denis, and everyone else who worked on our home for giving us our home and a reason to smile again.

Ray & Carol Muzzy

I would categorize Bourbeau Custome Homes as High Quality, A head of schedule and on Budget. Our experience was fantastic. We honestly didn`t have to worry about any of the details, they were all taken care of. Our home exceeded our expectations. Advice given was excellent and in many cases saved on the overall cost.
We are a busy family with small children - Bourbeau Custom Homes offered a variety of ways to choose selections. The one that worked for us was that we could make selections utilizing electronic catalogs and websites, at out convenience. Deb was great in letting us know what we needed to do and when and gave us plenty of lead time.
Our home was a 10 year dream in the making and honestly, it was a dream come true.
Thank you!

Bruce & Michele Viani

We had no experience in building a new home when we met Denis. We had an old camp and wanted to rebuild. We had to stay in a limited footprint but we had a vision of what we wanted. Denis was able to turn that vision into a reality.
The 3D CAD program was amazing, enabling us to see our plans and make changes. Denis was great with suggestions and listening to our thoughts and ideas. With all the choices and decisions we felt it was going to be overwhelming but Denis has things so organized that everything went smoothly. Our new house was built on schedule and on budget!
Denis was always available to answer questions or address concerns. We highly recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to anyone thinking of building. We love our new home - it is eveything we dreamed of.
Michele & Bruce Viani

Jessy & Jonny Stevens

As first time home buyers we were inexperienced in the process of buying a New home. We never dreamed that our first home together would be a new house. Denis made it all possible, he worked with our budget and told us what we could and could not afford. He was very honest in his dealing with us. We appreciated all the time and patience he set aside for us to make our house our home. He was very accommodating for our needs. If we were not happy he fixed it! He always exceeded our expectations and met the completion date ahead of schedule.
I have no worries with Denis and his construction workers. They were all very nice and did amazing work. We knew we were getting the best. We were not only satisfied with the house they built, we were amazed how things came together so beautifully.
We recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to everyone we meet. We want to build with Denis again in the future. Without Denis our dreams of having a house would not have been possible.
Thank you,
The Stevens Family
Jessy & Jonny

Chris, Angela & Gracie Baker

Denis, Tom and everyone else at Bourbeau Custom Homes,
Thank you so much for building our beautiful house. It was truly a pleasuse to work with all of you. We greatly appreciated your professionalism, patience and kindness towards us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever need a reference for future customers.
With great appreciation,
Chris, Angela & Gracie Baker

Dana and Sarah Rocheleau

Building a new home is a huge undertaking and choosing Bourbeau Custom Homes to design and build our home was by far the best decision we made. Denis came highly recommended from our neighbors who have built two homes with him. We were amateurs to say the least when it came to designing and building our new home, but we did know what we wanted and it was a fairly complicated design. Denis sat with us for many hours coming up with the 3D CAD design of our home and now that we are in the house it is amazing how true to life the design was. From the beginning every aspect was very clearly laid out, due dates for selections, dates of the phases of the construction, and the costs associated with each phase. We were a winter build so that in itself presents some challenges, but amazingly the house was completed right on schedule. Denis was quick to get back to us if we had a question and was the utmost professional. Every one of the suncontractors was wonderful to work with and open to changes we decided to make along the way and never hesitated to make them happen so our home would be just as we wanted it to be. We visited the site every day and everyone took the time to talk to us and ask if we had any concerns. You hear all of the horror stories about everything that goes wrong when you build a house and how stressful it is, but we can honestly say it was a great experience and if we didn`t love our house so much we woud do it again!
Dana and Sarah Rocheleau

Sandra Wright and Joey Bibeau

Bourbeau's Future Customers,
We looked into many different avenues for a home which included buying an existing house or condo, having a modular home built and custom built homes. We met with Dennis Bourbeau in the beginning of June 2010, and within a week got the opportunity to view one of his homes. We had viewed other homes and his was the best quality we had seen.
We decided to go through the design process with Dennis and with his help came up with a home design we were very pleased with. He was very patient with us and gave good suggestion we would not have thought of. He also gave us a closing date of 16 weeks or sooner for moving into our new home, which was very important for us to get into our new home before fall and cold weather. Dennis' team started the beginning of July. The whole process went very smooth. There were a few glitches to deal with during the building process, but Dennis made them right for us.
Dennis is great to work with as well as the rest of his team. I am very impressed with the quality and the energy efficiency of our new home. I am also very grateful that I found a builder who is organized and can get the job done within a set period of time and stay on budget. I have heard stories from other people going through the building process and their builders went way over budget and took much longer to complete their home. We were in our home 3 weeks earlier than promised and were close to our estimated cost given to us before building. We are very happy to have found Dennis and love our new home!
Thank you to Dennis and his amazing team!! 
Sandra Wright and Joey Bibeau

Herb and Georgina Perez

Dear Denis,
We just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on our house.
We were at the point in our lives where we needed to downsize to a smaller home. You and your quality team of workers made this transition easy for us. From the openness of the living area and the flow of the floor plans, not to mention the large windows letting in natural light, the home feels anything but small.
The kitchen was a concern for my wife but your design of the cabinetry and counter space plus two large pantries on either side of a full side by side refrigerator was remarkable. This was the third home my wife and I have built in our forty-five years of marriage, and i guess the saying is true: third time is the charm.
So Denis, we thank you for your design, your carpenters, electricians, and the rest of  your team, who are all professional, courteous and knowledgeable, respectively.
We sincerely recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to anyone looking for a new home and a good experience in achieving that goal.
 Yours truly,
Herb and Georgina Perez

Elizabeth and David Williams

 We've been telling all of our friends about the wonderful experience we had building our home! From the moment we went to look at the land to the moment we did our final walk through, everything went very smoothly. We have always felt like a valued customer when working with Bourbeau Custom Homes. Denis made us feel very comfortable and was willing to work with our budget, when other builders were not. The selection binders were extremely organized and helped us narrow down our decisions. Email and phone calls were always responded to promptly and thoroughly. There were no surprises at closing and after living in the home for 4 months we're still very happy. We're already thinking about having Bourbeau Custom Homes build us a bigger house when our family grows. Thank you so much for making our dream home possible!
Elizabeth & David Williams

Kara Gomez and Steve Reynolds

It has been almost a year since we moved in and our family feels truly blessed to have this as our house. When starting the home buying process, building was not something that ever crossed our mind. After a lot of searching we became very frustrated not finding anything we like in our budget. From the first meeting with Denis we knew we were making the best decision. Denis and his team gave us exactly what we wanted without going over budget. Building was so worth the wait the outcome was amazing! Thanks again to everyone who helped make our dream become reality.
Kara, Steve, and Aiden

Jim and Janice Burrows

Working with Bourbeau Custom Homes made building our new house easier than we ever thought possible. From the very first open house we were made to feel part of the process and important. Denis worked with us to address all our needs and design our home with exactly what we wanted. Matt was fantastic, helping us make our selections and keeping us updated. I stopped at the house almost daily and all the contractors answered all my questions professionally and courteously. Trying to get through closing was made almost stress free with the work Leslie put in.
Thank you to the whole team,
Jim and Janice Burrows

Gene and Michelle Depot

     In our search for a builder we had met with Denis who had come highly recommended by friends who spoke of his honesty and integrity as a builder.
     From our first initial meeting to the final product, Denis and all of his staff exceeded our expectations.  He was able to keep us on budget without sacrificing much of our wish list.
     Through thoughtful communication he took our vision of our dream home and made it a reality.
     We can not say enough good things about the whole experience from start to finish with Bourbeau Custom Homes.
     A sincere thank you from Gene and Michelle Depot

Christian & Carrie Jenkins

Dear Denis & Team,
You guys are awesome!!!  From the first time we met with Denis to look at a lot, (he had a beautiful manual about the home building process handy), to the design process, to the final touches of the construction phase, it was about as smooth as possible.  Denis was very flexible with our budget and patient with us as first time home owners.  Matt was extremely helpful, patient and available to answer selection questions.  We were given two beautiful selection binders to use as a guide and walked away with a home owner manual detailing how to take care of everything and who to contact from A to Z.  All the “subs” are the best in the business, so the work was of the utmost integrity!  Bourbeau Custom Homes provided excellent customer service as well!  You all truly helped making new home ownership our reality.  Truly – a dream come true!!  Wonderful!  I have already referred you to a co-worker, and we're very happy with the home.
Christian & Carrie Jenkins

Michelle Bourgeois & Prescott Nadeau

Just a quick note to express our greatest appreciation for your work to build our dream home at Porters Point Rd.  At first, the idea of building our first home seemed unrealistic.  You helped us with every step of the process, taking much of the stress and worry away, plus have provided us with a finished product far more beautiful than we ever imagined!  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigated the process towards home ownership...and thank you most of all for making that process seamless!  We recommend you to all of our friends and encounters looking to purchase a home.  We plan on adding to you growing list of testimonials so other may know just how pleased we are with your work!
All our best -
Prescott Nadeau & Michelle Bourgeois

Hi Denis!

Hope all is well since the last time we spoke. We recently had our warranty work done and wanted to send you a quick message to say THANK YOU! We have had simply no issues...and the small flaws that have come up, have been quickly remedied by your team! We were so pleased with the work done at our recent warranty visit! We have and will continue to recommend you to our friends!

Eric & Hana Place

After moving into our new home done by Bourbeau Custom Homes, we can truly say that it was a great experience. After hearing horror stories from others who have gone through the building process, we were hesitant to move forward with new construction. From the beginning of our relationship with Denis, however, we could tell that this would not be the case. The process was seamless and the only problems we encountered had nothing to do with Denis. He made the process so easy and stress-free and communicated extremely well. Denis and Leslie's organizational skills and attention to detail are excellent and they always went the extra mile to ensure that we were more than satisfied. We recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to anyone we know looking for a new build or remodel and will certainly be back in touch when the time comes for an addition. Thank you so much Denis and Leslie, we couldn't be happier with our new home!

Eric and Hana Place


Bonnie & Jack Parenteau

Our first contact with Bourbeau Custom Homes was on the internet.  We liked one of its home designs.  From there we called Denis and met with him at our camp, the location of new home.  He explained the processes we would go through and told us to contact him when we were ready to build.

Wow!  We met with Denis a second time, two years later.  We set up a design session on the internet for the following week.  This was pretty incredible.  The three of us had a web meeting with, Denis in Swanton, VT, Bonnie in Orlando, FL, and I was in Boston MA.  From our discussion, a home design was completed in less than two hours.  From the design, Denis helped with every detail.  From permits, moving utility poles, through construction, Denis, Leslie and their team were nothing but fantastic.  Our green home with Geo-Thermal heat and air, and a hybrid water heater is fabulous.  For every detail in the home, we were given choices from Bourbeau Custom Homes website.  All choices were pictured and priced allowing us to watch our budget throughout the pre-build and during the building process.  There were no surprises.

All work was completed on schedule.  Even our neighbors praised the hard work by everyone working for Bourbeau Custom Homes.  Workers arrived in a coordinated fashion, and worked hard all day, every day.

Our home is beautiful.  We have our wall of windows looking out from our living room, onto Lake Champlain, and the Adirondacks.  From a wonderful family camp used by generations to a beautiful year round home to be used by generations to come.

If you're building a home, thinking of building a home, make your first decision the decision to hire Bourbeau Custom Homes.  Thank you Denis, Leslie and your team.  Our dream home is a reality because all of you made it happen.

Anne Jobin-Picard

Thinking about building a home… 

I cannot say enough great things about the Bourbeau Custom Homes team.  Denis was very easy to work with, provided his professional input and experience as needed, and his team of contractors were awesome.  We worked together as “a team” and I believe that he had my best interest in mind throughout the whole project.  To date, I feel very satisfied with the project and have no hesitations on recommending his company. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need further information.

Thanks Leslie and Denis, I appreciate your professionalism and meticulous work ethic.


Don & Jennifer Gillilan

Denis & your team,

We want to thank you all for building us a beautiful home!  It was so easy working with you, Denis.  We really appreciated your opinions...you weren't afraid to ask us if we were sure on some of the selections we made.  Your team also asked direct questions multiple times, if I was at the site, to verify issues.  As the customer, that made us very pleased.  Thanks for the wonderful experience.  What an awesome and stress-free journey!

Jennifer & Don Gillilan

Justin & Jess Bourbeau

Doing business with Bourbeau Custom Homes, Inc. was a pleasure.  From the very beginning we were guided through the design process and given advise.  As we chose different aspects of our home, the customizing options seemed to be endless.  We were very happy with the selections we had to choose from and the website tools made it very easy to navigate.  At every step of the building process, our questions were always answered respectfully and honestly.  The quality and craftsmanship is certainly recognizable when you step through our door.  In the end, we are very happy that Bourbeau Custom Homes, Inc. helped "Make our dream a reality".  We certainly will not hesitate in recommending them to others.


Justin & Jess Bourbeau

Matt & Colleen Nesto

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Bourbeau Custom Homes! My husband and I jumped into the process of building our home slightly skeptical as to whether or not we would be able to handle the stress and energy that goes into it all. Well, I am here to tell you that from our experience; the building process was nothing like what others had expressed. Denis is a true to his word type of business man. When he would give us a cost estimate, if he wasn't spot on he was pretty close. When he told us our home was going to be complete, it was complete! Denis was easily reachable throughout our building process. I was so appreciative of the custom software Denis had put together! The ability to make decisions on cabinets, counters and lights that were all within our building package allowance was wonderful! I can't imagine how stressful and absolutely overwhelming it could have been for us to go store to store and not find what we were looking for. We can't say enough about Denis, his team and how gorgeous of a home he can build. We love our home!

 Thank You,

Matt and Colleen Nesto

Kevin Bauer & Amanda Wright

We first met Denis at a home show.  We talked with several builders that day, and were feeling very skeptical about the whole process until we walked up to the Bourbeau Custom Homes booth.  We were immediately impressed.  Denis took the time to set up several large portraits of houses he has built along with binders FULL of house plans and pictures.  It was clear from the beginning that he pays close attention to every small detail to put customers at ease.  After talking with Denis for just a few minutes it was obvious he is not only a great home builder, but also very knowledgeable about finding and buying real estate.  We had been looking at a few pieces of property and he immediately told us things about them that previous real estate agents didn't even bother to mention.

It wasn't long until we found what we thought was the perfect piece of land.  We are so thankful to have had Denis by our side because without him and his dedication to making sure everything is going to work, we would have bought a piece of land that is unable to build on.  Despite spending countless hours working on this property and coming to this disappointing conclusion, Denis did not give up  on looking for another property that suited our needs.  In the end we feel things worked out for the best and we got the land that was perfect for us.

No one can believe that our home was built in just 3 short months!  Once the building process started things moved so fast it was incredible to watch.  Every single person we worked with was very nice, and was willing to answer any questions we had or just update us on their progress.  The whole building time was so enjoyable.  We loved being able to pick out everything for our house.  The website made this very easy and allowed us to always know if we were staying on budget.

Denis, we absolutely love everything about our house it is exactly what we wanted.  We cannot thank you enough for such a great experience!


Kevin and Amanda

Mike & Amy Akerlind

Everyone we have spoken to that has worked with, or for Bourbeau Custom Homes has had nothing but positive things to say, and we now know why. So many times we have heard that building a house is stressful.  However, this was not the case for us.  Thank you for making the process of building our home so easy! The fact that you handled everything from the subdivision and permitting, through to the completion of the house for us was amazing.  The house is everything we wanted, and the quality is outstanding!  Everyone was very professional, and we never worried about things not being done properly. We would not hesitate to recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to anyone looking to build a home!  

Mike & Amy Akerlind

Kyle & Alexa Presson

We had the best experience building our home with Denis. From the initial consultant to the final walk through, Denis’ approach was thorough and detailed orientated. As we went through the process we continuously relied on Denis to aid in selections to be cost efficient in our build. He helped us spend money on items that made sense and would improve home value and were important to us. On the other hand, he was honest about spending money on features that didn’t make a significant impact. This was key to having the amazing home we do today with a building cost that is below the comparable homes in the area. Through our design process with Denis, we learned that it was important to  examine what the use of the house will be not only today, but down the road. With Denis’ help, we were able to build a home that fits our current needs and build a foundation for things that we need in the future and can finish once time and money allows.   All of Denis’ contractors did an excellent job as well, and they all had positive things to say about Denis and the contractors he works with. The best testimonial I can give is: When I build our next house, I will use Denis again.

Craig & Sarah Jones

My husband and I could not be more pleased with our new home, designed and built with the help of Denis Bourbeau of Bourbeau Custom Homes and his team.  Since having gone through this process with Denis I tell everyone I know who is house hunting to forget the housing market and build your own home, exactly the way you want it!...and of course, with Bourbeau Custom Homes.
I knew we made the right decision to build with Denis when we sat down in his office and designed our home.  In just a few hours, we had computer model printouts of our home and its dimensions.   He had many suggestions for us when we had trouble making decisions.  For example, we had a cabinet that looked out of place in our kitchen.  He proposed fitting that cabinet with a glass door instead of wood like the rest, which then perfectly tied the room together.  He worked with us to find the space for upstairs laundry and made sure that our bedroom would comfortably fit our king sized bed and furniture.  It was details like those that made us feel comfortable working with Denis and in trusting his knowledge to provide us with a great finished product.
Throughout the project we had complete access to just about everything involved with our house.  Denis has a great computer program that allows his customers to pick out just about everything from carpeting to countertops.  Denis did not hesitate to special order a product or in our case, install a baseball themed ceiling fan in our son’s bedroom.  Bourbeau Custom Homes is truly all about providing a customizable product.
Throughout the building phase we were given a house key and encouraged to visit the site as often as we liked to watch the progress unfold.  On occasion we would drop by during working hours and everyone there was friendly and professional.  The work was well crafted and the materials solid.  We found that we were able to get to know our house before living in it which is something not everyone buying a home gets to do.
We have been in our new home now for a few weeks and we have yet to find something we aren’t happy with.  From beginning to end, Denis and his team have a very well thought out home building process.  He takes all the worry out of building your own home while still providing you with hands-on access to your project.  Rest assured that if you choose to build a home with Bourbeau Custom Homes, you won’t be disappointed!   
-Craig and Sarah Jones, Grand Isle, VT

Michael Cannon & Deborah Maddalena

Trying to describe the details of the dream home you want someone to build might be one of the most difficult and frustrating processes in home building.  Denis, of Bourbeau Custom Homes, understands this and is exceptionally patient and willing to work with you until those visions are relayed.  The home we designed took time and effort which ultimately made our vision a reality thanks to the attention and skill that Denis brought to the project.  There were times when I didn't think we would have what we wanted due to the expense of home building, but Denis took the time to search for the best possible prices or alternatives to deliver what we wanted.
During the building process, Denis made it clear that our satisfaction was one of the most important components of the job.  The biggest achievement, in regards to construction, was the difficult design of our roof line, which was the foundation for the character and central focus of our home.  Without Denis's experience and willingness to try new things, we wouldn't have our dream home.  I can say without a doubt, that the home he build for us, is a 'custom home' and we are truly satisfied.
Deb and Mike

Jason Verdo & Tracey Bellavance

As their slogan states, Bourbeau Custom Homes, Inc. made our dream home a reality. From the very beginning of the building process to the final walk through, Denis Bourbeau and his team exemplified professionalism, creativity, and experience.
 The design process was seamless, as Denis led us through different options based on our hopes, dreams, and budget. No question was too small and Denis was always prompt in his responses, keeping us informed along the way. Once we had our plans in place, the building process began and everything went off without a hitch. We remained on schedule throughout, and Bourbeau Custom Homes utilizes a top-notch network of skilled professionals who are the best at what they do. As we saw our home come together, we knew we had made the right decision in trusting Bourbeau Custom Homes.
It can not be overstated what a pleasure it was to work with Denis and his team. There are so many different aspects to building a home, but Denis's organization and knowledge of the business made everything transparent. We have been in our home now for 2 weeks and we fall in love with it more and more every day. Denis incorporated every detail, both large and small, and we are so excited to be in our forever home.


Chris Mead & Kirstin Simonds

We are returning customers to Bourbeau Custom Homes.  Our first experience with Denis was in 2010.  We really enjoyed the experience of building our first home.  The 3D CAD drawing really brings ideas to life!  So, naturally when it can time for us to build again, we did not shop around – we went straight to Denis purely based on our previous experience.  He helped us acquire the land we wanted and everything else seemed to fall into place.
Denis and Bourbeau Custom Homes offer excellent customer service, attention to detail and honesty.  Anytime we find ourselves talking about homes or real estate – I always recommend Denis.  And the new online selections make it very easy to keep track of everything.
Denis and his team delivered another great product!!
Thanks again!
Chris Mead & Kirstin Simonds

Larry & Kit Daniels


We are ecstatic and have enjoyed working with you.  I am wondering why we didn’t do this a long time ago but, we look forward to spending the rest of our lives in the home!

Kit & Larry Daniels


We have already spread the word on your talent.

Charles & Sadie Russell

We have always dreamed of building a home on our family land, and Denis made our dream a reality.  We had a truly amazing experience with Bourbeau Custom Homes.  From day one when we walked through our field to see if building a home was even an option, to the day we received our keys, Denis was there to answer any and all questions at a moment’s notice!

The online building experience made everything so easy!  We were able to make all of our custom selections with a click of a button!

Denis made this process easy and stress free!  He is easy going and always communicated everything efficiently!  Our home is like no other and we have Denis to thank for that!

It is without a doubt that we highly recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes for your dream home!

Charles & Sadie Russell

Martha King & McShane White

Everyone told us building a home would be one of the most stressful things we ever do. Obviously, those people didn't build a home with Bourbeau! We knew NOTHING about building a home when we bought a raw piece of land. Just looking for house plans started stressing us out. Then we contacted Denis. The process from design to closing was smooth and practically stress free. No hidden costs, no surprises and best of all fantastic communication. Denis has a website that makes the selections for your new home fun and easy. You see clearly what choices you have within budget, and how much other upgraded choices will change your final price. We met nearly everyone working with him and everyone was very friendly, skilled and truly seemed to care about giving you your vision. If you are looking for a builder, we cannot recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes enough!   Thanks again for our beautiful home!

Courtney Gabaree & Evan McGough

Numerous people warned us that building a house was going to be one of the most stressful endeavors of our lives, and that it would strain our relationship.  That wasn't our experience at all.  We really enjoyed the process and found it to be quite exciting.  We are absolutely in love with our new home built by Denis with Borbeau Custom Homes.  We met with several builders before deciding to go with Denis.  We trusted him right away, and our instincts were proven right.  He was transparent from the start.

The design process was a lot of fun.  It was so nice to sit down with Denis and design our own dream home.  We were able to make it exactly what we wanted.  The selections process was a breeze compared to what we expected.  Denis had so many affordable great quality options available, and was great at helping to guide us if we were feeling at all stuck.  Denis was extremely patient with us, and he had great ideas and suggestions.

When an issue did come up throughout the building process, he was always very calm and rational about it.  He was readily available to answer questions by email or phone.  We loved that we had a key to the house during the building process, and could go there whenever we liked.  Many of the builders we met with only allowed customers on the property at very specific and designated times.    

Several of our family members are experienced (and very picky) construction workers, and they rave about the quality of our home.  One of them said that "it couldn't be any better."


Herb Perez Jr.

I cannot imagine building a house with any other general contractor than Denis Bourbeau.  This was the most stress free experience that I could have hoped for due to his vast knowledge, experience, and great sense of humor.  Denis makes sure to explain each part of the process slowly and carefully.  He never made me feel any pressure to make quick decisions or spend more money than I needed to in order to increase his personal profits.  The work completed was of high quality.  My neighbors commented positively not only on how great the home looked but how professional his work crews are and how clean the job site was left each day.  I highly recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to anyone seriously considering building their own home.

Herb Perez


Ed & Nancy Brehaut

Hi Denis,


We love our new home.  When we started the process, we knew we wanted Bourbeau Custom Homes to build it.  Denis was so easy going.  My wife had designed what we wanted.  Denis worked with her design and made it all come together.  Our lot on the lake was a tough job, but with Denis’ computer program and organization skills we were able to fit the project into our small lot.  Denis was aware of every little detail and had all the contractors in place to make the process so smooth.  Our whole process was so well organized with very few problems.  Denis was a pleasure to work with, we would recommend Denis to anyone looking to build.  Thank you Denis, we love our new lake home.

Ed & Nancy Brehaut


Peg Strait

Dear Denis,


I undertook the task of building a home with a fair amount of “fear and trepidation”.  I put off calling you for a few days after Stephen gave me your name because although I knew I wanted to move ahead, the project seemed a little daunting, to say the least.  I recall hoping I would get a voicemail on the first try, but you picked up, so I took the plunge.

Well-meaning friends and family shared some nightmarish experiences they had with other builders.  They advised me to keep a close eye on every phase of the project to ensure that everything was done according to my wishes and specifications.  Since I know nothing about building houses, this made me uneasy, as it seemed as if the project was perhaps a little more than I could manage.

My angst disappeared almost immediately once our association began.  It became obvious during our initial conversation that you are an expert in your field, also a patient, compassionate man who will answer any question, however foolish or ignorant!  You gave me clear responses to all my questions, and during the design phase met all my requests for the home, including staying within my budget.  Once the design was complete I was happy to see that you took charge of every little detail of the building process – relieving me of all concerns.  And the end result is that I have the home I have dreamed about since I was a small child enjoying camp during the summer months.

In short, you and your team of subcontractors take all the worry out of building a home.  I have recommended you to any and all who have asked about my home and the experience with Bourbeau Custom Homes.

I have enjoyed meeting you and Leslie, and would like to think that we will meet again down the road.

Best to you always,



LaBonte, William & Karen


Thanks again for our great Home.

From the first day we met Denis, owner of Bourbeau Custom Homes, we knew he would build our next home.  His professionalism and personality made him easy to talk with.

The house went up quickly and he kept us abreast of the progress weekly. We had input in the design with everything from materials to the angle in which the house was positioned on the lot. The computer program Denis used would allow us to make and see what changes would look like even though we were 3 hours away.

We would recommend Denis and his crew to anyone looking to build.

Proud owners of a Bourbeau Custom Home,

Bill and Karen LaBonte


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Nathan Spears & Ashley Bourdeau

We wanted to thank you for all your patience and help through the whole process, and most of all for our beautiful new home.
Thank you also to your team for their hard work!
Ashley, Nate & Hayden

Robert Fehr / Nicole Howrigan

     It is difficult to put into words just how truly incredible our building adventure was with Denis, Tom, Leslie and crew at Bourbeau Custom Homes, Inc. From the moment we first sat down with Denis and learned the basics to that very special day, just two weeks shy of Christmas, that we could officially call our house a home, we were beyond impressed with so many aspects of our experience. It didn’t take long for us to realize and appreciate what a remarkable person Denis is—his patience, understanding, flexible thinking, and impeccable organizational skills are shining examples of his many admirable traits. It was comforting knowing that Denis had our best interests in mind. Always.
     Ours was one of the very first projects to be executed online, making it incredibly client-friendly since our selections, budget, construction calendar, etc. were available and updated constantly. We were able to create a floor plan and incorporate selections that not only worked for our family, but also reflected our personalities while staying within a conservative budget. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in our home is impressive, and Tom always greeted us with a smile and took the time to answer our many questions whenever we stopped by to check out progress, which was just about every day!
     We cannot thank you all enough for being so supportive and treating us like family. The process of building a house has a reputation for being such a stressful and potentially disheartening experience, but ours was anything but. We are so proud of our home on the hill, and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have worked with Bourbeau Custom Homes, Inc.


Adam & Sara Poplawski

Before we decided to build our house everyone I talked to (none have worked with you) said "It's such a painfull & long process" and "nothing ever goes as planned".  You have proved that to be wrong!  The whole process from designing the layout to the final walk through all went without a hitch.  The best part in our eyes was that you gave us a time frame as to when it would be done and that never changed!  This process proved to be easy and actually fun.  Thank you for delivering to us our dream house.  We will always be gratetful to you and your team!

Adam & Sara Poplawski

Scott and Amy Murphy

Bourbeau Custom Homes made our building experience effortless!   Denis and his team were very organized and walked us through each step in the process.  They offered online selections so we could choose our selections from the comfort of our home, and Denis had a showroom with every option if we wanted to see our selections up close.  The pricing was clear and concise, and upgrades were always offered, if desired.   The Bourbeau team was ALWAYS available and so helpful.  We absolutely love our home, and we would certainly recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to everyone!!!

Thanks Denis!!


Chris & Jenn May

Denis Bourbeau came highly recommended to us, and we are passing along the praise! Denis worked with us for almost a year looking for the perfect spot to build our home. Our build started May 1st, with an anticipated completion date of August 7th. Currently, they are right on schedule, which we know by email updates and our online building calendar. Bottom line, Denis' communication is superb! He has kept us in the loop from the very beginning to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience. Initially, Denis uses a 3-D CAD program to design your home with you to meet your needs and budget. You then have access to an online program for quality housing selections and to keep track of your budget, all of which continue to help to make building as stress free as possible! Overall, Denis is organized, thorough, and easy to work with. We can provide an update once our construction is completed, but so far we have been nothing but impressed with the whole process. It's rare that I hear people talk about building as being a pleasurable experience. Denis (and his crew)our out to change that perspective, and doing a fabulous job at it! We Highly recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes.

Denis- Here is an updated testimonial!
Hope you are your family have a Very Happy Holiday Season.

All Our Best,
Jenn & Chris May

Denis Bourbeau and Bourbeau Custom Homes came highly recommended to us, and we are happy to have the opportunity to pass along the praise! Denis worked with us for almost a year looking for the perfect location to build our home. Once we did find our future home site, Denis got everything lined up to ensure a successful experience. We broke ground May 1st, with an anticipated completion date of August 7th. However, Denis and his crew were not on schedule... they were actually ahead of schedule! (How often can you say that?!) We were able to move into our new home by August 1st. We appreciated being kept up to date on the schedule through frequent emails and our online building calendar. Bottom line, Denis' (and Leslie's) communication is superb! As is the work ethic at Bourbeau Custom Homes. One of the initial appeals of working with Denis is the 3-D CAD program he uses to design your home- with you- to meet your needs and budget. You then have access to an online program to make quality housing selections, and to keep track of your budget. All of which, continue to help make the building process as stress free as possible. Overall, Denis is organized, thorough, and easy to work with. We have been nothing but impressed with the whole process. It's rare that I hear people talk about building as being a pleasurable experience. Denis and his crew are out to change that perspective, and doing a fabulous job at it! We Highly Recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes.

Hi Denis-

Hope the email finds you and your family doing well!  I just wanted to let you know that Tom came by today for our warranty- Very minor issues.  However, I just wanted to pass along how pleased we continue to be with our whole building experience and those that work as part of the Bourbeau Custom Homes team.  Tom was awesome- very knowledgeable, honest, and personable- (prompt too!)

Thank you to you and your team for everything.  We lover our home and can't say enough good things about our experience.

All Our Best,

Jenn & Chris May

Doug & Rina Kemerer


My wife and I are extremely pleased with our custom designed and build vacation home.  Your design program was so helpful to visualize our home during the design phase.  The on-line system helped us choose the best selections for our home and was really efficient to keep everything on schedule.  All of your work crews were friendly, professional and their work was Outstanding.  We were able to make some mid-course design changes which resulted in a much better overall result.  There was significant site work which ended up on 10% over the original estimate.  But, we couldn't be happier with the final results.  Thank you so much for your fine work, attention to details and accommodating all our concerns and requests.

Doug & Rina Kemerer

Laura Kelsh

Looking back on the last year and the house, I know it would not have been possible without Denis.  Let’s just say our house was not easy to acquire all the building permits and utility plans for, as there were many obstacles.  Denis was always aware of what was happening and kept pushing till everything was in place.  He was extremely professional and comfortable to work with.  Everything from the layout of the house to the door knobs was organized and displayed in a manner that we could understand.  I was most impressed with his efficiency and organization throughout the whole process.

The house come out beautiful and was everything I wanted plus more.  I would highly recommend Denis to anyone I know, from experience he is a great person to work with.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Laura Kelsh


James & Anne Ouellette

Dear Denis,

This letter is to express our appreciation to you and your team for the recent construction of our home. Both Anne and I were very pleased with how smooth the whole process went. We were particularly impressed with how timely it went.
We can not say enough about the professionalism and friendliness of your staff and subcontractors. Bourbeau Custom Homes has an incredible depth of knowledge about design, construction techniques, and building materials. Your knowledge, attention to detail, and your prompt responses to our questions and concerns throughout the project removed the stressors so common to the home building experience.
Anne was particularly impressed with how your on-line selection website functioned.  It gave us a good range of choices while also providing us with the ability to go outside it for customizing our home. You truly live up to the “custom” in Bourbeau Custom Homes.

James and Anne Ouellette

Richard Heaps & Susan Gregory

We first met Denis Bourbeau of Bourbeau Custom Homes, Inc at a Home Show. This was six years before we finally built. During that time we probably attended a dozen of Denis's open houses to see the types of houses he was building and the quality of those homes. What we saw convinced us to talk to Denis about the home we wanted to build.
Denis and his team met and exceeded our expectations at every turn. First, our house was built in the promised timeframe with excellent quality and craftsmanship. Denis always had suggestions whenever our design ideas bumped up against build reality and he responded to all our questions and requests thoughtfully and quickly.
If we ever build again in Vermont, we will call Denis. We need look no further.

Richard Heaps and Susan Gregory

Tom & Linda Blanchard

Thanks for a great job!  From the moment we stepped into your office for the first time last fall, we knew you would be our builder.  Your organizational skills, willingness to work within our budget, design capability with your amazing 3D CAD system, and adherence to schedules in challenging winter conditions was awesome.

Your attention to detail is profound.  You and your fantastic team of subs anticipated any potential problems and resolved them quickly and efficiently.  You made our lakefront retirement "dream home" building experience stress free, hassle free, and to complete it three weeks ahead of schedule was a joy to watch - which I did nearly every day from November 7 to February 16.

We are recommending Bourbeau Custom Homes to everyone for a quality construction experience.  Thank you and your wonderful hardworking subs once again.

Tom & Linda Blanchard

Daniel & Allison Menard

Our building experience with Bourbeau Custom Homes was nothing short of excellent.  Dan and I were new to the building process and Denis was very helpful.  We met Denis in person to design our home - we appreciated how professional, through, and organized Denis was through out the entire process.  As we designed our home Denis listened to what we wanted and helped by showing us new options while staying within our budget.  The website was well organized and a great tool that allowed me and Dan to make selections at our own convince.  Denis' experience as a builder showed as he helped guide us through the process - he was aware of things to look out for that we as new homeowners never would have thought of.  He was proactive and made the building process simple.  We are so happy with our high quality, beautiful new home!  A pleasure to work with, we would highly recommend Denis to anyone looking to build.
Thank you Denis, we love our new home!
Allison Bruley and Daniel Menard

Ryan & April Leafey

We love our new home! When we began looking to purchase a home we had no idea we would be building but when we came across a lot in Jericho we fell in love. We were a bit worried about going into a building project because we have heard many horror stories from friends and relatives who had gone through the experience. However, the Bourbeau team completely erased those fears.
Their professionalism, timeliness, and quality of work went above and beyond our expectations. From the online calendar that kept us up-to-date with the construction process, a custom design process with Denis and selecting hardware and lighting from their website, it was wonderful how organized things were from start to finish. We heard so many comments from neighbors about how they couldn't believe how quickly our house was built which we attribute to the skill and organization of Denis' team.
In addition to the process itself, we found that everyone on the team was a pleasure to work with. They were all patient and kind throughout the construction, giving advice and listening to our feedback.
We were not able to have a lawn planted at the time of year our home was built, but the team came back and finished the job to the high standards they uphold. The year warranty on the home has been great and we've already had a few tweaks made to keep our home looking and working perfect. The fact that they'll come back this winter to fix any cracks and nail pops gives us assurance that our home will continue to look beautiful for many years to come.
We have and will continue to recommend Bourbeau Custom Homes to anyone who is considering building and are truly thankful to have worked with such an experienced and competent team.  
Ryan & April Leafey